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 Welcome to the Associations Flex Website

FlexSystem is an IRS Code Section 125 Cafeteria Plan that enables employers to offer qualified employee benefits normally paid on an after-tax basis, through salary reduction, on a pre-tax basis instead.  With FlexSystem, employers use TASC’s third-party administration services to handle the proper administration and operation of the Plan.  As a result, your employees can increase their take-home pay without costing you more money.  There’s more: Participating businesses save an average of $300 per employee per year in payroll taxes.

This Plan controls benefit costs without restricting choices, and reduces your Social Security tax payments for every dollar of employee participation.  It also saves your employees money because their necessary benefits are purchased with pre-tax money.  FlexSystem not only puts more money in your employees’ pockets, but helps your business, too.

Qualified expenses under the Plan typically include things such as:

  • Family health insurance premiums

  • Dependant care expenses

  • Transportation expenses

  • Out-of-Pocket medical expenses

  • Term life and disability insurance premiums

When a qualified expense is incurred, the employee submits a Request for Reimbursement to FlexSystem.  The Request is quickly processed and payment is disbursed to the employee.  With on-line submission of Requests, daily check cutting, and direct deposit, FlexSystem provides the industry’s fastest turnaround of Requests for Reimbursement.

This site is designed to assist both employers and associations.  Employers may request additional information to find the benefits offered by TASC and it’s providers.  Associations can contact us through this site to discuss arranging association discounts for their members.  In addition associations can receive revenue created from these association contracts.


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